Ali Ferguson Contemporary stitched textiles from fragments of the past.

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Exhibition News

Dancing Light Gallery "Textiles & Textures" 27th May - 28th July 2016

I am currently exhibiting in "Textiles & Textures" at The  Dancing Light Gallery, Whitmuir near West Linton where I have a beautiful selection of Patchwood Sampler and Patchwood Environmentals pieces for sale.

Unit Twelve Gallery "A Group Gathering"     30th June - 27th August 2016

Last year I was invited to take part in a wonderful collaborative project titled "Daphne's Glove". This has been exhibited at Ledbury and Hereford and is now making it's final appearance at Unit Twelve Gallery, Stafford. Here it will be joined by the previous year's Group Gathering exhibition "The Shirt Collar Project".

Edinburgh Palette "Strands Of Time" 2nd  - 23rd June 2016

I am once more exhibiting with Edge - textile artists ,Scotland as they celebrate their past, present and future in galleries 1,2 & 3 of Edinburgh Palette. I'm very excited to be showing work in all three galleries.